Multiple USB audio inputs in Elements 11 (MacBook M1)

I’m currently running all my outboard kit with 1/4 inch jacks through a 20 channel mixer (Yamaha MG20XU), and recording the output via USB with the mixer’s ASIO driver. Most of my kit can also output multiple USB audio channels (eg Jupiter X has 5, TR-8S has 12) but I can only select one driver at a time (even though Cubase is sending/receiving USB midi for all devices simultaneously through a 10-port hub).

Is there a way of recording/monitoring all my USB channels at the same time, either with a software or hardware solution?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I think the Mac core audio has an aggregate setting which will allow this but I hear it can increase latency. The problem using different interfaces at the same time is sync, that is why Cubase itself does not support it.

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Thanks, that makes sense.


Yes the Aggregate Device is the way. But as mentioned, the devices are not perfectly in sync by the Aggregate Device.

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Thanks Martin