Multiple users on one Steingberg account?!?!

My sound department has recently purchased multiple licenses for Cubase Pro 8.5, and are wondering if there is anything special we have to do to share projects with each other in the office.

We’ve purchased 3 licenses, each one for a separate PC, and each on their own dongle. However, all of our licenses are registered to the same MySteinberg account (the account of the department manager/purchaser).

Is there anything special we would need to do to set this up, if we are all going to use the same Steinberg account?

Also (if we can use the same account) how is that going to differ from using separate accounts?


Maybe I’m not understanding this fully.

Now I’m thinking that you can just create a my steinberg account without having to register any products. Just wasn’t sure if you had to have the serials registered to the account you use when signing into VST Transit.

Ok, so I created a work “My Steinberg” account using my work email address. I then activated the account, fired up Cubase 8.5, and opened VST Transit.

I entered the “My Steinberg” E-mail for the work account I had just created, as well as the password, and selected log in.

Then entered a user name and clicked on “Complete Registration”. After doing so I get a Network Message
“Your USB-eLicenser containing the Cubase license is not registered with your MySteinberg account. Please register the license.”

I then proceeded to my "My Steinberg" page ---->My Products ---->Register eLicenser/software, where I entered the download access code I received with our 8.5 purchase invoice email. I then receive the message “The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code was already registered by another user.”

This must be because all of our eLicensers are registered to the sound department lead’s My Steinberg account.

So it appears that my initial suspicion was correct and that the VST Transit accounts are tied to the Cubase license and even usb eLicenser, which are in turn registered to a single My Steinberg account. Ideally we would like each person to have their own account.

I guess my new question would be;
Can we have 3 separate VST Transit accounts on a single My Steinberg account?


sorry for the late anser:

No, I am sorry again. At the moment you would need 3 separate MySteinberg accounts. Each account needs a registered Cubase 8.5 licence.

Have a nice day,