Multiple Users One computer

I have an educational copy of Cubase 11 and attempting to make it work on one computer for multiple users. Any help is appreciated. Installing the software as administrator does not make it available for “all users”. How do I make this function for all user that log into the one computer that do not have admin privileges?

May I ask how you verified that it’s not available to all users on the machine?

Because since Cubase 10, Steinberg programs are installed to All Users

When I login as another the software is not available through the start menu or searching in the search window. When I attempt to install it from the download assistant it indicates the Steinberg library manager is not available, yet it was installed as an administrator.

You can manually create a shortcut to the executable which is in the Programs folder in Windows.

Would the reason perhaps be that C drive is hidden from non-admin users?

That is a Windows admin question, nothing to do with Cubase, right?

I suppose. Software works with the shortcut when users are given full control over the folder where the software is installed.
Thanks for your help and quick response!

Well, I guess so. You’d have to find a workaround to make it available to a user without rights to the the C disk.