Multiple versions of Cubase on One Computer

I have Cubase 7.5, 8, and 8.5 on my computer. Some of my .cpr files were created using 7.5, some using 8, and some using 8.5. Is there any reason to open the earlier files with 7.5 or 8 if they can also be opened in 8.5. In other words, I believe I can open the older files in 8.5. Is there a reason I shouldn’t do this? General thoughts? And, is there a way to save the older files so that if I click on the .cpr it will automatically open in 8.5? It seems as if when I use and older file in 8.5 the next time I open it - it opens in the older version. Thanks

The project should be opened by whatever version you have Windows set to open .cpr files by default (I assume you are using Windows although you have no system info in your signature - hint, hint :wink: ). You can right+click and select “open with” to select different programs/versions. Older versions of Cubase going way back will open projects created with newer versions just fine. Of course they won’t have newer features available.

When you open and save a 7.5 project with 8.5 it is changed to an 8.5 project. You can see this indicated on the title bar of the Project Window.