Multiple Versions Of Cubase

I currently am using version 9 on a machine but the machine has started to fail.

I have multiple projects I need to finish in 9 but want to upgrade to version 11 soon.

Can I run multiple versions of Cubase off of my new machine without risk of conflicts or over writing vsts for example (Halion and GrooveAgent).

I had an upgrade option on an older version of Cubase many years back and it didn’t upgrade the vst synths to a newer version but created an issue where synth presets would not load correctly?

Don’t want any of the 9 settings to be messed up until songs are finished if I install a later version?

Yes. You can even have both open at the same time.

On your new PC, I’d use Cubase 9 to open your old Projects and then use File>Backup Project… to create new entirely independent copies of each Project. Then you can use Cubase 11 on these new versions and Cubase 9 on the originals - whichever works better for you in each Project.

Each installation of Cubase is independent from any other versions that are installed. I’ve got every version installed from Cubase 7.5 on out and have no issues with that.

Thank you very much for the reply and information.

Keep safe and kind regards.