Multiple Versions of Plugin in C5

I recently came across an issue within a C5 project where I noticed it no longer reads multiple versions of the same plugin.

The reason I’m doing this is due to that infamous bug in Synthedit where in order to use more than one instance you need to rename the plugin for each instance you plan to use…
Someplug 1.dll
Someplug 2.dll
Someplug 3.dll
Someplug 4.dll

This worked fine in the past (SX3), but now C5 only shows one version of the plug available

This goes the same for different versions of a plugin.
i.e. Synth1 VST.dll (version 1.07) and Synth1 VST 1.12.dll (renamed with the version number). C5 only shows the first.

I suspect that this happened with the addition of the VST 2.x plugin manager, and how it reads the plugin IDs. Hopefully it’s a setting in C5 and how it scans the VSTplugins directory which can be set for multiple.

Any help/advice is appreciated

This SOS article shed some light on the issue -

Which brings the question, Is there any way to force Cubase to ignore the plugin ID, and just scan using the dll name?