Multiple versions of the same VSTi - Should/Can you get rid of one?

When I go to add a ‘virtual instrument’; I see the list of my ‘VSTi’s’. They’re in a few categories. I’ve noticed a few of the ‘VSTi’s’ are listed twice, 1)“Name” & 2)“Name x64”. If I recall the ‘x64’ is the weaker 32bit version. If there are both options for the same ‘VSTi’s’ should I or can I remove one? Any help would be great. Thanks

Can you rephrase this? Not clear what you are trying to say.

It depends on your system. It should be safe to remove the old VST 2 versions if you have a VST3 version available.

32 bit aren’t supported anymore and should be blacklisted in the Plugin Manager. If you see two versions it will be VST2 and VST3 versions. The version will be listed in a column, and in the far right the VST3 plugins will have /// symbol. (this feature just disappeared in latest release - hopefully it will be back) You can open the info pane at the bottom where you can Hide the unwanted version completely, or remove a single instance from a particular plugin menu in the right pane. Or you can just delete the VST2, and 32-bit, versions from your system if you prefer.

Okay, I will try that. Thanks for the help. I know there’s also the “VST Plugin Manager”. I may be able to remove it from there but not sure… Either way, it seems like the only ones I’ll remove are the VST’s w/ both the “name” & “name x64”, and I’ll remove the “‘x64’ versions”

you can delete the dll from the VST2 plugin folder

This sounds like a bit of a wide sword to wield on this. There’s no required rule regarding how developers name their plugin files, but usually the x64 will be used to indicate a 64 bit version when there’s already a 32 bit version with the normal name… so MyTotallyLamePlugin is released and later on I release a 64 bit version… if I name it exactly the same thing then it would overwrite the existing install and possibly ruin people’s existing sessions. So instead I name the new, updated, more powerful, more precise 64-bit version with an x64, MyLamePluginx64, so people can go through the process of migrating their projects/sessions

As a general rule, I hide any older plugin versions when there is a replacement, be it with the same basic name (e.g. VST2 and VST3 versions of the same plugin) or otherwise (e.g. Ozone 6/7/8/9/10). That way I don’t accidentally end up using them on new projects (and don’t clutter up my menus more than they are already cluttered by the “ridiculously” large number of plugins I have), but I also keep those older versions available in case older projects might use them. There may come a time when I’ll actually uninstall some old plugins, but my tendency to remix some very old projects generally has me deferring on that until there is some issue with getting those old plugins to load at all (not just in Cubase, but also in Cakewalk by BandLab since my projects before I started using Cubase regularly all are in old Cakewalk or SONAR formats, and Cakewalk by BandLab actually does still support 32-bit plugins via a built-in bridge).

The “VST Version” column let’s you know whether a plugin is version 2.x.x or version 3.x.x and you can use this to pick any for hiding or deleting. If deleting, the info pane at the bottom shows you the file path for the plugin:

To clarify one thing: don’t be confused by the file version in the info pane. That’s the plugin rev number from the manufacturer, not the VST version.

Thanks for helping and pointing that out. I meant to write disable the one if it says (x86) because that’d be 32-bit. If it says (‘x64’); I’ll be sure to use those 64-bit versions and if I disable anything, it’d be the non 64-bit versions.

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Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the help

Good call. I’ll take that route. Thanks for the help

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