Multiple versions

Hi, I’ve recently needed to go back to a recent project from Elements 8.5, 32 bit plugins ect. but Elements 9 doesn’t support them. I need to get the plugin settings from everything or freeze everything to get it compatible. I believe it was possible to run both 8 and 9 together but how do I license the new install? It’s dawned on me I have hundreds of projects now stranded and I’d LOVE to have a 32 bit rescue install.

My license on Elements 7 and 8 still work on same license but having Pro 9.
So thinking a new install 32-bit may work - but do you need a new install?
Upgraded licenses though replace each other so two at the same time will not work.
Maybe I read you wrong.

Just some wild ideas below…

Are making VST3 presets for every track work between 32/64 bit Cubase?
Trouble probably is that plugins have different VST ID and 64-bit version might never load content.

I have not tried this - but Waves stuff have a very smooth saving of presets, right there in menu for you.
Or you can make separate folder to place on desktop or somewhere else.
Are they possibly compatible between 32/64 bit series plugins as well?
Then you could go through and get settings with you for each instance of a plugin - if Waves at least.