Multiple Video Players

Nuendo user for years. I mostly record music since day one. I’ve been called upon to record a quartet for a short documentary. Sort of a noob to this aspect of things…In the past I’ve used Video Player with success to a 2nd monitor in the control room for the director to watch as we score things. This time we want to add a 3rd (and perhaps 4th)
monitor in the live room for the musicians to see.

Our main control room has a late 2014 mac pro. So, video can be done via thunderbolt. I’ve gotten that to work.
the only thing is mirroring just the screen with the video player on it. Running Mavericks on the computer.
Any thoughts how to do this?


Hi, doesn’t directly answer your question I guess, but by using another device: use one of the iPad apps to mirror a screen for client; or if you have a macbook, simply share screen.


Apple for some reason has not documented this .
Option drag the screen you want mirrored onto the other should do it. make sure both monitors can handle the same screen ratio. good luck!
see attached

Screen mirror only two monitors.png
Screen  mirror before.png

That’s how I did it on my trashcan Mac. I have dual monitors through thunderbolt. My main TV monitor is out the HDMI port. My talent TV monitor is thunderbolt>HDMI adapter. In Sys Prefs>Displays drag the 4th monitor (talent) over the 3rd (HDMI) and drop it to mirror them. Took me a lot of research to find out it could be done this way. The only problem I have is sometimes Apple gets goofy and messes all the monitors up from time-to-time. Takes me a while to get it back to that configuration. Haven’t figured out why or what scenarios causes this yet.

Thanks so much….I’ll try it!