Multiple views of same file: possible?

I’m still vague on Dorico’s structural big picture.
Consider two guitar Players playing the same piece in unison.
Player 1 has a gigantic music stand and an eagle’s eyesight. He must have the fingerings in front of him at all times.
Player 2 knows all the world’s fingerings by heart but has bad eyes and a small music stand. He needs bigger notes and fewer pages.
Recall that neither Player can turn pages while playing.
I have completed Player 1’s part.
What must I do for Player 2?

In Setup mode, create a new part layout in the right panel and call it “larger” or whatever. Assign the guitar player (in the right panel) to that layout. Change the space size of the new layout to be larger.

There’s also an option in Layout Options–Players to show or hide fingering on a layout.

Good! What about the fingerings (both hands)? Can I delete or hide them in one Player’s layout?

I was able to do everything after opening a new project, but not in an existing project.
In the existing project I could create empty parts, but I could not make then appear on the score. Had I been able to do that I could have simply copied them to the score, but I could not. The parts had only TACET and were not represented in any way on the score.

Edited my answer above.

What does creating extra players have to do with your initial question? If you follow Dan’s approach, you don’t need extra players.

If this is a completely separate question (“I’ve added some new players to my project but they don’t seem to show up in the score - why?”) then the answer is likely that you have your score layout set to hide empty staves (bottom section of Layout Options). Switch to Galley view and you’ll see that all staves show. Once you’ve typed some music into these staves they’ll appear in Page view. If you happen to be working with imported MusicXML you may find that you have to manually assign the new players to the flow, from Setup mode.