Multiple Voice note entry Dorico 3 Elements


Please see attached bar picture.
Here is how I understand it.
C3 on the treble clef is voice 1. B1 on the bass clef is voice 4. I understand how to enter those.
If I enter voice 2(C2) I end up with a double 1/8 C2 for voice 2 & 3 which I do not know how to collapse into a single note.
Please see 2nd attached bar picture of the best I managed to achieve, which, pianistically, is not clear (at least to me).

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note entry my try.png
note entry.png

Admittedly, it takes a little work. Not bad once you know what to do.

I’m using “alto” and “tenor” to refer to specific voices in the treble or bass clefs.

  1. Enter the alto C in Downstem Voice 1
  2. Enter the second alto C, the dotted quarter on beat 3.
  3. Select the 8th rests in the alto part and Edit–Remove Rests (I use this function often, so I’ve assigned it to Ctrl-Shift-R on Windows).
  4. Enter the tenor part as 8th notes
  5. Select the middle Cs in the tenor and press N to move them to the treble clef.
  6. Click on the 8th note middle C from the bass clef, Ctrl-click (or Cmd-click on Mac) on the dotted quarter C, and hit T to tie them.

(In my current project, my beaming is set to break at the beat, not the half-bar… you can change that in Notation Options–Beam Grouping.)

Also, you’ll need to set Notation Options–Note Grouping–Time Sigs with half-bars–Notes starting on a beat followed by a rest… notate as single note. Otherwise the dotted quarter notes in the alto will show as quarter tied to 8th.

EDIT: Oops, Elements doesn’t have access to Notation Options, so you’ll have to use Force Duration (O) to get the dotted quarter to display correctly. Not sure what the default is for 4-8th note beams…

Dan’s method is the way I would do it, and is the same in both Elements and Pro.

A picture with View / Note and Rest Colours / Voice Colours switched on might help.
cross staff.png

Thank you very much! Perfect now!