Multiple voices and accidentals


In the first image, you see the result of a piece I engraved in Sibelius.
In second one, you see what it does when I import the XML file in Dorico.
Don’t you find the Eb a bit weird? Is it possible to change some parameters in the Engrave options?


Capture d’écran, le 2020-03-18 à 20.37.48.png

Well, for starters you can switch to Engrave mode, select both noteheads, and right-click—Voices—Swap.

Thank you Dankreider. It worked perfectly!

I just analyzed in more depth this case. I think it is cause by the combination of these three factors :

  1. The upper voice is placed by default to the left.
  2. There is a dotted notehead in the upper voice.
  3. There is an accidental in the lower voice.

I look in the Elaine Gould book and she said it is possible to invert the position of the two voices when the lower one contains a dotted notehead. There is actually an option in the engrave menu of Dorico concerning these cases.