multiple Voices in one stave

Can not figure out how to write multiple voices in one stave? Didn’t find anything in the “Online- Manual”. Can somebody help me out please? Thanks in advance! Best, Victor

To start a new voice, type Shift+V while in note input and you’ll see the little note at the bottom left of the orange caret show a + sign and a downstem note: now you can start inputting in that voice.

Once you have two or more voices active on a staff, you can cycle between inputting into any of the voices that exist simply by hitting V.

Thanks Daniel! Worked out well. Actually pretty easy :slight_smile: Congratulations on Dorico, really love it so far!

What about switching a note to another voice? I’ve got a guitar score imported via Music XML and it has a bass note in the wrong voice - it shares voice 2 with some other notes in the bar and is displayed as several notes beamed together. It needs to be in voice 3. I can see how to add a voice 3 note and delete the voice 2 notes but I can’t see how to make a direct swap.

Alas we don’t yet have a good way of switching the voice of an existing note. You’d have to delete it from one voice and type it into the other one for now, but we definitely plan to have features to move notes into different voices, merge voices, and so on.

Thanks Daniel. It sounds like we’ll all be waiting for new features!

Really looking forward for that.