Multiple voices same notehead?

Please take a look at the guitar part.In this piece I wish to indicate an additional voice ( same notehead) with a lengthened note, while a pattern is indicated above/with it. Lots of piano pieces, etc do this. In bar 7 beat 4 I somehow succeeded in adding an additional voice/duration on the same notehead but I could not get Dorico to do this in bar 14 (bar 14 beat 1) even though I added a voice. Can someone help me accomplish this? Searching documentation for “multiple voices same notehead” did not seem to bring up anything.

Remanso Transcription.dorico (1.3 MB)

I haven’t checked out your file yet but this topic could help:

@DanielMuzMurray is correct. You can change the voice index. But that does lead to ambiguous notation, which is why Dorico does not do it by default.

I dont know what a voice column is but I wonder if the first instance worked because a dot was not involved . Maybe I didn’t think it thru. Maybe 2 note heads have to happen?

Change this setting in Engrave mode…

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Wow perfect. Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate!!! Deeply appreciated!

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Will changing the voice column index put all notes in this voice in the same column as notes in the other voices? Is this going to change how Dorico formats the rest of my score?

No - just the note(s) that you select and modify in Properties.


Ok thanks I will give it a try. I currently changed any notes with dots to a tied 8th and DOrico accepted the 2-valued notehead but want to try the correct way.

Wow. it worked. Again, I am bowing in thanks. All I did was turn it on. And it did not affect a repetition one beat later. Any other links to this feature besides the one in this thread?

Sorry, I’m not sure about other links. There will be some related links at the bottom of that user manual page. Is there another type of link you were hoping for?

This page is possibly quite a useful explanation:

There’s also this option, which lets you set a default on a per-flow basis for whether noteheads in opposing voices should be allowed to overlap: