multiple voices (stem directions) on drum set on a five-line staff, etc.

I’m wondering if this is possible to do in Dorico 2.2. Seems I’m restricted in adding voices to a drum kit setup. I’m attempting to notate this rhythm and the ability to indicate a second voice for the snare seems pretty crucial. I’m also looking for a squiggly line that can show the “scrape”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The scrape could easily be represented using a trill, and hiding the “tr.” You could also create your own shape using the playing techniques editor.

If you want a second snare drum voice, you can edit the drum kit in Setup mode. Two snares would just need to share the same staff. At least that’s how I would do it.

Dan, you’ve helped me out yet again. Thank you! Not quite it, but close enough for orchestral pop.
Dorico PC.png