Multiple voices

I’m getting a bit frustrated trying to get the look of interlocking multiple voices just right. Most of the piece works fine with multiple voices fitting notehead to notehead, and that’s how my Notation Options are set - see first attachment.

But there are a few measures where that just doesn’t work at all - see second attachment. They really need to be stem to stem, but I can’t find a way to change just the problem measures.

How can I accomplish this? I suppose it’s better to have one or two measures difficult to read, than to have lots, but I’d rather have none. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
Multiple Voices-2.png
Multiple Voices-1.png

I am little confused by what you are asking…

But if I understand the question, you might be able to achieve the look you want using voice column index found in the properties panel when the note is selected in engrave mode.


My first thought would be to right click the situations where you’re not happy with the result, and in the context menu, Voice>swap voice position (or something like that)

Voice column index is the answer! Thanks, Robby. Clicking on the dotted eighth and changing voice column index to 2 was exactly what I needed.

Marc - your idea works too, but flips the stems, so the quarter notes had down stems. Flipping the stems manually reformatted the positions and it was back to the original. I could have used it if necessary. It’s good to know all the options. Thanks both of you for your help!


Dear jsimunac,
That’s strange that you say it flips the stems, I thought swap voice order just swapped the voices indexes (p712 of the user manual). You might have got confused with Swap voice content — I admit I was not clear enough in my first post, still in bed and waking up…

Thanks for the clarification, Marc. I’ll give that I try when I get home from work.

Swap voice order did work as expected. So both methods work (Swap Voice Order, and Voice Column Index). Voice Column Index gives you a little more granular control, since you can enter the index and move different lengths. But Swap Voice Order is quicker. Thanks again to both of you for your suggestions.