Multiple VST instruments on one track


I am looking to place multiple VST instruments on one track is this possible.

For example, I am composing an orchestral piece, on the 1st Violin track they will play legato and Pizz meaning that I will need two instances of a VST instrument.

Can I have the track where they start off with one VST (Pizz for example) and then later in the piece change to another VST (legato) rather than having multiple tracks for each type of playing style?


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If the VSTi is multitimbral like Halion or Kontakt then it can load multiple instruments itself. But if it is not multitimbral like Prologue then it will only play a single instrument. An Instrument Track is limited to a single VSTi. But that VSTi may or may not be able to play more than one instrument.

You don’t necessarily need multiple instruments to play different articulations. Many String and other Libraries (but not all for sure) are setup to let you use a variety of articulations for the same instrument. The most common way to do this is to use Keyswitches which are notes outside of the normal playing range of the instrument and are used to change articulations. So C-2 might set Pizz and C#-2 legato. Cubase uses Expression Maps to manage how you control articulations for different VSTi’s, Expression Maps are kind of confusing to use and it is a good idea to triple-read the manual on them.

That said, a lot of the folks here that use huge orchestral Templates often go with giving each articulation its own Track because it simplifies their overall workflow. Often in Cubase there are several ways to get the same results and you can use what seems best to you in the circumstances.

Perfect much appreciated


this is exactly what I’m discussing in the current thread “changing presets in list edit”. I’ve used Cubase for decades, and was always able to change from one sound to another by putting a program change command (eg with a GM sound-set, adding a program change command of 41 would make the sound of a violin, and 46 would change it to pizz) in List Edit, but I can’t get this to work in Cubase 10.x

Raino said “a lot of the folks here that use huge orchestral Templates often go with giving each articulation its own Track”. The issue with this is if you want to print a part for a player, you’d need the pizz and arco on the same sheet music (so on the same track).

Chrisw2512, are you able to get the program to change between an arco violin and a pizz by adding a program change in List Edit? If so, that would show I’m doing something wrong!