Multiple VST question


So I have a VST like superior drummer or NI’s KONTAKT, and I want to use multiple instances of it for each track, how can I do this without adding a new VST Instrument each time?

I have a MIDI file and I open 3 separate tracks. I have one VST instrument open for Kontakt using Vintage Organs in track one. For track two I want to use Kontakt studio drummer, and Track 3 i want use Kontakt’s Session Horns.

The question is it seems like a waste of resources to open 3 instances in the VST instrument window all loading Kontakt. Is there a way to just open one and in each track use a difference item from Kontakt or not?


I rarely do the “RTFM” answer…but I don’t have the time tonight to write it out. It is a subject that has been posted many times here. Open page 252 of your Operations Manual and start reading from there. This will point you in the direction you want to go.


Why not load three libraries into one instance of Kontakt in the F11 rack, set correct midi tracks to receive from and send then to different library outs from kontakt via its mix panel?