Multiple Yamaha /Steinberg products seems to have confused the licenser

I have a Yamaha MG10 and recently purchased a Steinberg UR44C
The elicenser identifies me as having Cubase AI 8 - which was on another computer.
The Download Center offers me AI 11 but I can’t license it with the codes I got from the UR44C.
I seem locked into AI 8.
The problem appears to be in Steinberg’s records not the licenser itself.
Is there a way to purge everything and start again with the UR44C licence codes?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

The license is the important one. If you don’t have the license, you cannot start the application. Steinberg Download Assistant offers all Cubase to download.

Did you get Cubase AI 11 Download Activation Code with UR44C?

Hi Martin.
Thanks for the prompt reply.
Yes I have the code.
It tells me that the activation code has already been used but the website offers no useful means to fix the problem.


If you are sure you didn’t activate this Code yet, ask your local support for a replacement code.

I eventually decided to try Cubase again to see if it can assist me in fixing the problem Windows has with the driver for the UR44C
I can’t even lodge a support request.
Deeply disappointing product.