Multiples of same command in Macros + workaround not working

Hey, I think this - should - work and therefor I’m counting as a bug.

I tried setting up a macro

So say I have a track armed for recording, and I want to duplicate it and record on the duplicate without recording on the former.

(So initial track is currently armed)
I set up the macro:
-Record Enable (To deactivate recording on the initial track)
-Duplicate Track Without Data
-[This is where I wanted to use another record enable, so I wrapped Record Enable in another macro and added that macro as a new command, but this did not work. Record Enable did not happen on the new duplicated track, although it did disable on the former… easy enough to hit ‘R’ after it’s done though]

Actually, it looks like I got this working now with the last ‘Record Enable’ wrapped in a macro. Would still be nice to be able to do with without the macro though for similar ideas.