Multiplying cubase 9.5 pro tempo track warp points

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(cubase 9.5 pro)

I have a project in 2/4 which has an audio base track imported, and it uses quite a lot of audio warp points to git the tempo into the cubase grid. This is because there are tiny variations in the tempo.

However, I want to change the signature to 2/4, and for this, I want to multiply all time warp point values with a factor 2. I can do that by hand of course, but it’s a lot of work with about 80 of these points.

Is there a way to multiply/adapt all tempo change points on a tempo track at once, by multiplying all values with a factor 2?

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No one? I looked at the project logical editor, and did manage to select the tempo events, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to adapt the values of the events. …

Use Trim, if it is present in Cubase 9.5. (sorry, don’t remember if it was or not)


thanks Steve, but I just found there is a function which does exactly what I want: in the Tempo Track editor, there is this button at the top right, Open process tempo dialog, which allows you to redefine the grid, and to adjust the tempo according to that.