Multirecord in MIDI

I have recently activated ( e-Licenser) my Cubase Essentials 5 . Having gone through the tutorials I don’t see any facility for recording 2 MIDI instruments / channels simultaneously. I am surprised if this is the case as I had this facility on my much older Cubase VST 32 V.5 ( Multirecord with “channel split” ) and it suits the way I work using Midi keyboard >drum machine> interface / PC and recording 2 Midi tracks together as a first step in doing a backing track . I find the step method of recording rhythms a bit fussy and would like to use the user rhythms which I’ve already recorded on my drum machine .
Do I need a new Cubase version to do this and if so which one - I do not need a high powered version as I do mainly country / roots music .
Any solution welcome .

What happens if you click on more than one ‘record’ button at a time? All those tracks should record.

Thanks for reply .
Works for audio no problem , but not for MIDI as far as I can see - I don’t see a way to route one midi instrument (e.g. keyboard or strings ) to a specific channel and to route another ( e.g. drums ) to channel 10 which is the GM standard for drums/percussion so I can export a standard midi file. The old Cubase 32 V.5 had "channel split " to accomplish this.