Multirest bug?

In page mode, setting multirests to one bar or higher isn’t consolidating all the rests into one multirest. (see attached pic). For example, with 5 bars rest, it may give a 4 bar multirest and then one separate bar’s rest.

I’ve used Cubase’s scoring editor extensively since V1, but have not seen this issue before.

Thanks in advance for all advice…


Cubase Pro 10.0.4 Win 7 (64 bit)

This is because some note on the first beat after the last empty bar(s) actually start slightly before the start of the bar. You can check in the Info Line.
Apply appropriate Quantize to the involved note (select the first note(s) in bars 8 and 16 and hit “Q” on your keyboard, or use the Inspector in Score Editor, or check in the Key Editor to correct by snapping the note to grid for example.
If you do not want to move the notes, it’s another story…

Thanks TheMaestro: that fixed it. I should have known this!!