Multirest Bug

Here’s a weird one: In some multirests I get 5 dark black horizontal lines (attachment Multirest Bug).

The three different examples I’ve come across had differing numbers of bars in them. The only commonality I could see in them was that all were on the top staff of page 2 of a part.

Changing the number of bars before or after them on the staff didn’t help, but re-staffing so they were bumped back to the previous page made them behave properly.

An additional buglet is that in at least one instance, a single bar rest got a multirest number (attachment Multirest Bug 2).

Not complaining, just reporting…

This is in PDF graphics export, yes? If so, then this problem is fixed in the forthcoming 1.0.10 update.

You will also be able to choose that single bar rests should not show a number in 1.0.10.

Yep, they’re fine in the upgrade. And I appreciate having the engraving option to not have a number over a single-bar rest.