Multirests and grand staff

In grand staff parts, ‘Product B’ inserts two multirest numbers, one for each staff. Standard practice, however, is to set just one number, centred between the staffs. To achieve this, a workaround was always needed (omg, I’m already talking about Product B in the past tense…). Like most workarounds, this was (and still is) time-consuming and error-prone.

How is Dorico going to take this hurdle? As elegantly as with all others, I imagine. But it would be reassuring to know whether this question has been, or will be, addressed.

The plan is that we will only show the digit between the staves, Antony. Multi-bar rests are not yet implemented, but they are of course planned for the first release.


That is really great to read! It would also be helpful to be able to easily change the width of multirests. Some products handle this easier then others…

Quite right, Notemechanic. Multiword tempo markings, as favoured by some composers, don’t usually fit over a short multirest. Product B is rather good at this, you just drag the bar-line across the staff. But with other products…?