Multirests not working in parts

Working on parts for my enormous Wagner project: In engrave mode everything looks great, I press print and the print preview (and resulting PDF) have decoupled some (not all) of the multirests. See screenshot:

If I now go back to engrave mode, the multirests have decoupled as per the print preview. I can force them to reappear by selecting the beginning and end of a system and clicking the ‘make into system’ button. But as soon as I press print again, it flicks back to separate bars as above.

Odd - and multi-bar rests are enabled in the layouts? It is probably going to be most helpful for you to share the project (or a version of it that just contains this one player perhaps, for size reasons! as long as it still exhibits the problem) in case there’s something specific about it.

Just cutting down a project now. Yes, multirests definitely enabled, and as I say are working in some pages…

Here we are, still too big for the forum I’m afraid!

No cues obviously as I’ve deleted all the other players, but in case it’s useful, here’s the PDF that I get when exporting from the complete project: (506 KB)

You could make the project much, much smaller by applying the Silence playback template after exporting the layout to a new project, FYI.

I can reproduce the problem with your project. We’ll need to look into this. I’ll come back to you when I can.

Thanks Daniel, ah yes, sorry I forgot about the playback!

Might it have to do with the Condensing in the part? I found that if I turned it off, the multi-bar rests generally consolidated.

It certainly does appear to be related to the combination of condensing and divisi, yes. I suspect it’s deliberate that condensing is enabled in this layout, though I’ve had a quick look through it and I would guess that there are only a couple of spots where you might actually want to condense the divisi down to a single staff. I’m talking about it with the developer who knows the most about this area at the moment and it’s unlikely there will be a workaround beyond disabling condensing, but if we discover something else we’ll say so.

Hm ok - I’ll experiment. This will be more of an issue in the other string parts which are divisi more often for shorter sections…