Multirests refuse to appear

All other instrumental parts in this arrangement show multirests as they ought. This organ part, try as I might, refuses to cooperate. And I’ve made sure Layout Options > Players > Multirests is ticked appropriately. I’ve even made a new Organ part, and the result is the same. What’s going on?

Please upload the project (cut down to the first nine bars if you like). A picture doesn’t give us enough information.

File attached

Personent Processional - 9 bars.dorico (1.2 MB)

Found it: It’s an octave line scaled to 1%.

You could put these just under the bars with pedal notes. Or …

To get organ pedal to play 16’ I like to use independent voice playback, give the pedal its own channel, and octave-shift that channel. Depending on your organ sample, with mixtures and whatnot, it may not make much difference.

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Thank you so much. You have spared me enormous migraines, Mark!