MultiScope documentation

Is it just me, or is the documentation on MultiScope (and a couple of other plugins) appalling?

As one example, I’m trying to get a s(m)exoscope like representation of my audio. I know where 0dB is on s(m)exoscope, because beyond 0dB the signal goes outside the waveform view in the plugin. When using MultiScope in oscilloscope mode, what is the scale of the waveform graph? How do I know where 0dB is? There are no labels, or explanation in the documentation at all.

Another example is in the phase correlator mode. There is no explanation of what the amplitude or frequency knobs do in this mode, though frequency clearly makes a difference. Also, what is the +1 and -1 for on the left? There is no explanation of this either.

I made a thread about the EnvelopeShaper some time ago, also because the documentation on it was poor. I can’t be the only one to think that the docs are not detailed enough.



all of Steiny’s (and many other developers) documentation could be better.

1-More detail
2-Better searches
3-More ‘real life’ examples of how features are/can be used (in the field).


totally agree. Steinberg’s documentation is pathetic. You buy new software then sit and stare at it because the high level descriptions don’t do much to show you how to make better music. they’ve always been this way. You keep buying upgrades hoping that they will change… the definition of insanity.

It´s a manual on how the software works, not a tutorial on “how to make better music”…