multisegment envelope not working correctly

It doesn’t matter which envelope mode you are using (sustain, loop, one-shot, sample loop) …the multisegment envelope can’t handle more than 6-7 nodes. Try yourself…Put a drone-sample and add nodes (amp, filter or pitch…it doesn’t matter).
Another Bug:
The manual says “To delete several selected nodes, press [Delete] or [Backspace].”
It doesn’t work on my iMac with the wireless keyboard.

iMac27 late 2013, i7 3,5 Ghz, 24gb,

hope someone can confirm

Yes. This is true. I get 8 nodes.

There is a work around.

Chop your loop into slices.
Groove agent will create a pattern.
Then your can Filter/Pitch up to 8 nodes per Slice.

Yes… I Know this sucks…
But it is the only workaround I’ve found…

I am assuming that you can have a maximum of 128 nodes per Loops (Like the manual has written), but not 128 in a loop.
Only a maximum of 8.