Multitap (C10.5) vs CPU

Hi everyone.
Multitap is greedy for CPU and I can’t use it in any project. If I open the Multitap plugin I’m already halfway through the performance bar. This happens to me with the system I have in my signature. Can you confirm?

This happens to me as well at times, yes. I’m sure a fix will be coming up for it – unfortunately I can’t use it yet for this reason. I was excited about the plugin when I first tried it out and now eagerly await when it’s fixed so I can use it as much as I was planning on.

Sadly, I confirm the same, I couldn’t at first figure out why my CPU was suddenly topping out, otherwise it was around 50% on fairly heavy project. I eventually isolated Multitap as the cause. Ping Pong Delay came to the rescue.

I got the confirmation from development that the MulitTap will always be heavy on the CPU because of the internal design and the possibilities it offers. However, they will try to optimize it further over the next maintenance updates, but even if this was possible, it would not be a significant improvement.

That’s a shame - I used a couple of instances on an existing track and after a few seconds the Performance meter went to Max and the track stopped playing and was totally unresponsive. Only removing Multi Tap brought it back. Its a great effect as well which I would have loved to have used.

I can imagine that if a sound is being propagated into unlimited repetitions, it could hit CPU hard. Maybe there is something clever that the developers can do in the future to limit “voices”?

Thanks Ed for your response. In general 10.5 has been a very positive update for me.

Also experiencing this. Automated a send to it and almost every time it was enabled the performance meter would spike and playback would be interrupted. I was able to work with it to get a good setting and then bounce the effect out as a workaround. Sounds fantastic.