MultiTap Delay issue and feature request

So great that MultiTap delay supports 7.0 surround. However, as reported in the Cubase thread, the CPU usage makes it unusable. This plug-in has enormous potential. Please fix!

Also, a feature request: If you can solve the CPU issue, please make it Atmos-compatible by adding height-channel capabilities. Thanks!

What Cubase thread are you referring to? IMO, yes it’s more CPU hungry than your average plugin and requires a powerful machine to run some of the more elaborate presets. But isn’t this to be expected for this kind of plugin?

Just Google “Cubase Multitap CPU forum” and you’ll get a whole page of mentions:
cubase multitap cpu forum - Google Search

For now, I’m just going to recreate the “multi-tap” effect I want using multiple mono or stereo effects in combination with panning and linked panners, etc… That I can pile on a bunch of - say, EchoBoy - in a single effect channel to do this and have literally no CPU issues tells me the MultiTap might have some kind of processing or memory hangup… :slightly_frowning_face:

It is true that Nuendo’s Multitap Delay eats CPU cycles for breakfast, but then, there are other “new” factory plug-ins that show the same behaviour: One instance of Nuendo’s FX Modulator needs almost 10% of my M1-based MacBook Air with its “Starting Point 01” preset.

… must be something in the code libraries used for several plug-ins of that software generation.

Yes - I’ve since found turning off modules on some of the presets helped prevent CPU overloads enough to at least make it usable. (We’ll see if that holds true in an actual project, though.)

Will use this as inspiration for cooking my own delays for now. (I’d really like to play with panning select taps into the height channels.)