MultiTap delay low-cut has no effect

Low-cut knob has no effect on the delayed sound. (Hi-cut works fine).

Crazy plugin otherwise. Someone decided to go all in on this one.

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Which low-cut do you mean?

Which low-cut buddy? Be more specific please?

Main Low-cut in the top most fold down menu. (Set mix to 100% wet to hear that high-cut works and low-cut don’t)

There is no main low cut… I guess the problem is that the labels are misleading…

According to the manual, in the Delay Character section:

” Low-Cut
Sets the frequency below which low-frequency damping occurs.

Sets the frequency above which high-frequency damping occurs.”

High cut works, IE it removes HF content in the delay signal when turned. Low cut doesn’t. What am i missing?

Confirmed. This will be fixed in a future update.


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