Multitap delay maxes out realtime CPU on an instrument channel

Has anyone else faced this issue with the new Multitap delay where it just completely maxes out the Realtime CPU?


Macbook Pro 2018 runnin MacOS Catalina 10.15.2

Yes, I installed 10.5.10 last week, and one instance of the new Multitap Delay eats all my processing. I haven’t experimented a lot with it, and it could be that it’s more or less CPU intensive based on how many of the various components within the plugin are activated. I was using the pre-loaded patch “Big FX Pedal Board” which has a lot of modules loaded under tap effects. It made the green audio performance bar max out. Take it out, and I can run any session without a hitch.
iMac late 2015, 32 gb ram, Mojave 10.14.6
UA Apollo Thunderbolt
Cubase Pro 10.5.10

same here (10.5.12), severe CPU issues.
For example a single instance with Preset House Chord Machine does consume 50-70% of ASIO load/realtime load! (on an i7900X).
So that is quite huge amount of load produced. Other presets are lower, but still much more than expected (and any other plugin is capable to do.
Win10 newest, RME drivers

Yes, multitap delay is almost useless since it it’s so CPU hungry.