MultiTap not in sync until opening its window

MultiTap performes not in sync every time I open the project. I have to open MultiTap GUI to make it work in sync.
Cubase 12 Version 12.0.60
Windows 10 Pro

Is this behavior consistent? If you start with at blank project (not from a template), default preferences, are you able to recreate the issue? If so, please write a step-by-step so other users can test on their systems.

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Here are the steps you can follow to recreate the problem.

  1. Load a fresh project
  2. Load Multitap on an audio track with one simple short sample to be delayed.
  3. In Multitap create 3 taps on quarter note without feedback to hear your sample and 3 repetitions.
  4. In Multitap insert Pitch Shifter module, activate click and check if it the taps are synchronized with click.
  5. Close Multitap GUI.
  6. Save the project and close it.
  7. Open this project again with the click on and press start.
  8. On my 2 computers the taps are not synchronized until I open Multitap GUI.
    That’s all
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Would anybody be so kind and check if the problem exist on other computers? I would be very grateful :grinning:

I can reproduce this. PC Cubase 12.0.60

Here’s a screenshot of the plugin’s settings:

When I remove PitchShifter the problem disappears. Have you tried any of the other interal effects?

Yes, the problem is only with pitch shifter. Other internal fx work fine. Nevertheless the pitch shifter, and more precisely, easy formant control on every tap was why I used this plugin for in Cubase 11. In C12 from the beginning there is always some problem with pitch shifter of Multitap.