MultiTimbral (16Ch) 64 Bit VSTi that supports ProgCh (PC)

Can anyone please suggest a 64 Bit 16Ch (Multitimbral Synth) that supports Midi ProgCh. ?

I really resent the fact that CuBase no longer supports 32bit VSTi’s, and their product (Halion ?) doesn’t even accept midi ProgChange (=rubbish in my book).

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide on 64Bit Multitimbral VST Synths/Instruments that use midi ProgChange.

Cheers and thanks in Advance,

You got an answer here:

ALL versions of Halion and Halion Sonic support program change messages.

Thank you so much for your long and informative reply.

This is embarassing. Sorry.

Thank you.

HALion Sonic SE that came with Cubase is able to work in Multitimbral mode with Program Change…