Multitimbral Issue With External Synth

Hi there,

I am using my Yamaha EX5 synth with Cubase Elements. I’ve created a patch script for the EX5 and successfully installed the device in the MIDI Device Manager.

However, when I create multiple MIDI tracks on different channels with different voices, only one voice will play. It’s not behaving in a multitimbral capacity. For example, if I have one MIDI track that is piano and another that is cello, when I play the composition, both tracks will play as piano, or both as cello. I can’t get two or more instruments to play at the same time.

What am I missing here? I’ve searched the documentation and forums, but have come up empty.

Many thanks!

Here is my setup:

Cubase Elements 8
Windows 10
Yamaha EX5 synth
MAudio Uno MIDI Interface

Perhaps this might help?

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, he’s going through a different process (using VST plugin versions of external modules) and using Instrument Tracks, instead of using MIDI tracks, so it’s not addressing the issue I’m experiencing.

Are you sure your synth is set up to run multitimbral ?