Multitimbral synth Rendering - How can you render just a single output (ch)?

Whenever a render is done on a synth VSTi set up for multi-timbrality, every single output track will be included in the render. What if we just want to render a single output of the synth and avoid the result of a bunch of empty audio events which need to be deleted after?


I expect, you are talking about the multi-outs scenario. Cubase works like this intentionally. All Audio Returns are always rendered, because Cubase doesn’t know the internal routing in the plug-in.

It has been discussed and explained multiple times here on the forum already.

(and one more time today)…

thank you for confirming behaviour. I guess I can live with this, just wanted to know if there was a better way.

is there a possibility that steinberg will consider changing/improving this feature?

No need to improve anything, AFAICS. Alternately, you can do so by using the multioutputs instrument as an instrument rack. I’ll take the example of Halion Sonic 7, with two different MIDI channels/outputs :

  • activate the needed outputs as wanted, using the arrow on the right of the VSTi label in the right zone > VSTi panel and selecting the Activate outputs option.


  • Affect to each instrument output its own MIDI track, each one having a given and different channel number. Be sure that each MIDI channel is routed to the relevent instrument output in its inspector.



You should have this, in the VST Instruments folder :


  • Set, in the instrument UI, and for each MIDI channel/output bus, the relevent patch/program.


  • Record/edit the MIDI parts as wanted.

  • Disable any Solo state in your project.

  • Select the MIDI track to render (WITHOUT any part/event remaining selected).

  • Use the Edit > Render in Place > Render setting command. In the window that is opening, you should have a ‘Render tracks’ title, otherwise, there is still a selection remaining. In this window, set the different parameters as needed and launch the render process.

The result, each output having its own rendered audio file :

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Thank you for this. ‘Activate Outputs’ does work, where you select only the outputs that you would like rendered. I guess from this point of view it makes sense - how else is Cubase to know which outputs you want to render to audio if they are all activated? It’s not a mind reader :wink:

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