Multitrack acoustic guitar editing!

Hello there,

We have recorded our acoustic guitars with four different microphones simultaneously(four tracks).
When we tried to “group edit” them, we noticed that the sound quality turned from high to low.(without to overdo it with stretching). We tried to slice them but it didn’t worked because of some “polyphonic” riffs. What is the best way to do multitrack editing in our guitars?
{Cubase 7.05}
Thank you in advance…

I have already wrote that slicing doesnt work because of the “polyphonic riffs”
Is there any other way?

Yeah, I use a surround sound channel too, 4 channel last time. But I’ve found that acoustic guitar is one of the most difficult instruments to comp, and using time-stretch invariably gives me unacceptable burbling in the sustains or stuttering in the transients. I always just cut it up and move things into time, duplicate bits, then use careful crossfades to join it together. Takes some time…


Thanks for this! We will surely try this on our next project!But I think that we can’t use it at this time in our four mono tracks(Am I wrong???). We have already finished with our recordings and it is impossible to rewrite them.

Yes, that is what we are looking for…The quality loss!
Can you explain this more?


Cut it up and move things into time must be the hard way!It might be another way!

You could try to create a surround group channel, route the 4 tracks to that, then export the group channel and re-import the file.

BTW, the only way I know to turn them back into single files is import them and click the ‘separate into mono wavs’ (or something like that!). If there’s a quicker way I’d like to know…


I just tried this(bounce to new small files). But it remains the same.
When I said “quality loss”, I meant that the sound becomes deformed with “extra” trembles!

I was not talking about slicing…

I am soorry!I did’t understand!
What you mean scissors tool?

cut - move - x-fade

Flattening=bouncing ???

I turn auto-crossfades on (on all tracks, but can be set for each track). That means I usually don’t have to manually crossfade or use zero crossings (which I personally don’t like…).

Also useful to use the Alt-drag method on the audio event. This slides the audio within the event. Sometimes quicker if you cut in the correct place (e.g. on the beat) and then slide the audio, but it depends on what happens at the other end of the cut, may not be quicker…

Quite often when I’m recording things I’ll ask the musician for a special take which has less in it, e.g. less riffing, less strumming (particularly ends of sections for sustained held chords). This track I can then use in the comp to replace short notes which are just out of time & too short to stretch or put back into time without creating a problem noise. I would probably do this if I see that the musician is having particular trouble with a passage and I’m getting a bit edgy about how long it’ll take to fix up afterwards :slight_smile:


Check this video out from youtube…

I know in this video the guy is using pro tools, but the principals are the same and can be applied to Cubase. (Just be sure to “group” your acoustic tracks together in order for this all to work. His principals work, I’ve tried his techniques on just about every kind of audio tracks.