Multitrack audio quantise panel set priority issue


I’m trying to use group editing to tighten up a drum take across 8 audio tracks.
I’ve placed the tracks in a folder and switched on group editing.
I’ve set hitpoint threshold for each track.
My understanding ( I think I did this in C8) is that I should now be able to open the quantise panel and set priority in the slice rules window by degree for the key drum tracks.
However, when I go to edit >> quantise panel - the slice rules window does not appear - I can only see the quantise settings window without the slice rules I expect to see adjoined above.

How do I evoke this window - or has something changed in Pro 9 regarding this function?



This happens sometimes and to be honest I haven’t worked out why. It seems to be a combination involving setting the = on the folder track (do this before recording) setting a hitpoint threshold (I only do this for one part, usually kick drum) then click on the small tab to the right of quantise settings tab. That should do it, but as I say, sometimes it doesn’t.

Thanks David, yes - this is what I’ve found - appears intermittent!