Multitrack audiowarp...

Hello :slight_smile:…
My question is: can I edit multitrack (for axample drums) via audiowarp. Instead of quantize, I wanna warp only the kick in the right timing, BUT I wannna the other channels to move with the kick also…???..Is it possible…

It can be done via the quantize panel. There is an Audiowarp button at the bottom. But you can’t edit the warp points thus it is a bit unusable. I love cubase but bought Protools for this very feature. PT does this very well!

Yeah…you can warp quantise instead of cut and quantise but there’s still no freewarp across multiple tracks which is a real shame.

I guess it´s hard to achieve, maybe completely impossible, to preserve the phase relations of multitrackd drums by warp quantising the tracks


I would like to have “Multi Warp” in Cubase´s Arrange Window (!)



In the meantime you can sort of achieve the desired result via set definition from tempo.

+1 for Multitrack AudioWarp (free warp) in the project page. Would be a great, natural extension to Group Edit functionality.

There is nothing impossible. We can fly to the moon, but cannot have multitrack audiowarp in Cubase. This is silly. ProTools, Logic Pro, Studio One can do it. We can’t. Quantize is totally unusable. :imp:

Yes please to multitrack warp…but if the much needed improvements to freewarp timing (elastique algorithm) aren’t also implemented, expect a barrage of posts complaining how multi-track warping is unusable.

Just to point out you can warp all the tracks in Cubase using the elastique algorithm, it’s just not so user friendly as a proper free warp implementation such as Pro Tools uses… It’s called “set definition from tempo” works really well for straitening irregular tempos etc, such as multi tracked drums. You do have to work blind by making a tempo track first to follow the original varying beat. Then you can make the track/s conform to a straight tempo/s.

See that Sonar X3 has this, with guaranteed phase alignment.


I do a lot of drum editing and upgraded to whatever version of Cubase promised it (was it 6? ). I dont know how Steinberg can sell a product based on a feature that is totally not usable. The result always sounds phasey and garbled. The protools equivalent is far far better