Multitrack Drums Free Warp quantizing

Tried the new V12 (12.0.20) phase coherent warping on drums, the Elastique Pro - Time sounded spongy, the Standard - Drums sounded better, but still with some weird artefacts.

Slice n dice still sounds best for now, looking forward to Steinberg improving the algorithm for warping drums.

Agreed. This new feature is not without side effects at all - rendering it not generally useful yet

I just had this conversation; warping just seems to turn the tracks, notably overheads, into slurry… is there any functional alternative to slicing/beat detective, etc?

If I may ask, how large was the tempo change?

I’ve been using Serato Pitch N time Pro for years, and it works well, up to a certain point. After which it does show some artifacts. but usually it is above 10% stretching (slowing down) audio.