Multitrack editing

Hey everyone.

When time-warping (not chop and crossfade) multiple tracks recorded with multiple mics… Drums, strings, piano etc… do u guys know if there now is a “edit all” function?
The way i do it now is to bounce them all into a new multitrack wave file in audacity, warp in Cubase, export, import and hope i don’t have any more changes. Please tell me Cubase has this build in by now…? :wink:

Any tips on this?

No multi track warp yet I’m afraid.

Damn… would save so so soooooo much time editing backing vocals and drums especially - Steinberg… u guys listening? - Multitrack warp update pleeeeeeaase <3 :wink:

I record guitars with a both a mic, and a DI for re-amping, Multrack warping would be invaluable!

Yeah - you’re on wrong DAW for that, unfortunately. It’s been asked for for years here, it seems.

all other daw´s has got it…i think. pretty basic tool these days.

instead we got more loops…! :imp:

it’s a major issue for many of us. Cubase feels archaic in the way it deals with these things (things like needing a separate window for Variaudio, no multitrack Variaudio editing, etc.).

wait a minute, I saw a video with multitrack warping (example with drums), you need use folders for that purposes. Is it not this?

There is multitrack editing but using slicing not warping. I guess this is what you saw.

No, you can “cut and slice” mulitple tracks using folders, but you can’t warp. Slicing can work for some things, especially drums, but warping can be more appropriate for other tasks

Cubase should really have both options nowadays, but it doesn’t, it’s been a heavily requested feature for many years.