Multitrack export outside the cycle locators


when using multitrack export, is it only possible to export tracks or events within the cycle locators?
I have a project with 50 one shot audio files, each one in a different track and possitioned in sequence.
The first audio event in track 1 starts at 00:01:00, the second one in track 2 at 00:01:05, next one in track 3 at 00:01:10 and so on…
How can I use multitrack export to export all audio events at once, but as unique files?

in Cubase 9 now you can export by cycle marker.
so in your case you will need to create 50 cycle markers,and in export window use export by cycle marker option.
you can also name the markers and in export window chose the naming scheme to cycle marker.

Have you tried Render in place?

Select Render settings and a Path. Make sure that the mix down to one track is not ticked and that the clips are highlighted.

You will have to delete the files copied into the project!!!

Purchase meap. Select the track and it will export each individual one but the naming will be numeric.

Didnt noticed if its in cubase 9(probably not)
In Nuendo they have also render export. Basically irs like the suggestion above,but more convenient for export.
The problem it export only for the same file format as the project setting. (if u need to export to diffrent sample rate etc…)

Thank you so much guys!
It seems that render in place is the only option I have at the moment. I thought Cubase audio mixdown was more powerful.
Definitely going to look into meap, thanks for the tip!

Incase you can’t find it.