Multitrack Free Warp [Achieved]

Hi guys,
Multitrack Free Warp is still not there :frowning:. I have been looking forward to (waiting) for this function since Cubase 4. I don’t understand why Multitrack Quantize through warp is possible and moving warp tabs from Multitrack Quantize together isn’t. The correction of Automatic Quantize is really absolutely confusing.

Please take a look at it. There is more of us that need it.
If you just link every warp tab when Group Editing is active, that would perfectly do it!

Thanks very much
Jan Petřík
Recording Studio Ostrava Plesná

+1 It’s been a long time not coming!

This was the only feature I wanted. I’m not sure any of the other features are enough to warrant me upgrading.


I got so excited (or, probably more accurately, relieved) when I read ‘Smart Multi-Track Editing’ in the new features list that I nearly upgraded there and then. Glad I took the time to look into it.

I honestly have no idea why this wasn’t added years ago.

Have they at least added an accurate ‘Snap’ function for free warp?

Yup, ++ on this. Wanted multitrack free-warp for years. It would make a big positive difference in workflow.

Cant believe this hasn’t been done already, might check out Studio One for this ability. If they ever work out their high CPU usage problems could be tempted to stay.


There should be

1: Multitrack freewarp, non phase locked for aligning vocals etc
2: Multitrack freewarp, phase locked for freewarping of multichannel audio that needs to be in 100% phase sync, like a drum kit.

All in the arrangement window of course.

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+1… I’d like this, not as fussed about it been on the arranger window but at least in the editor when opening multiple clips. we already have ‘edit activated track only’ when that is disable, free warping audio should happen on all clips we had selected.

That would be a start… to get us towards it finally being on the arranger window.

+1 would be so much better to edit audio tracks

+1. Will not upgrade my Cubase 7.5 until multitrack warp is available. And TRIPLET GRID in audio editor. Is it so hard to make ajustable grid in editor? It is in midi editor, why it isn’t in audio?!

I’ve been waiting for multitrack freewarp for a long time since Cubase 5, I’m a bit disappointed to find that it has not been implemented. Multi mic tracks I can not align them as I would without losing much time that would otherwise be much faster and productive :frowning:

+1 It would be very useful


+1 It really is in Steinberg’s best interest to implement this feature because everyone who needs it has to use another daw for this purpose. I’ve been using Pro Tools (which I really don’t like) so I’m buying studio one today. I’ve been working with a demo S1 for a week and seriously considered switching over to it. However, there are too many Cubase features I don’t want to give up so I’m not going to switch but I can’t be the only one thinking this way.

Remember, every time a long time Cubase user has to use competitor’s daw there is a chance for that customer to jump ship. I really don’t want to perform my drum editing outside the context of the song I’m working on so as soon as a daw emerges that implements the features in Cubase I love AND multitrack free warp, I’ll jump.

So please, for your own sake, implement this feature.

clap clap clap!


My feelings exactly!


+1 Be a long wait for a reply???



Disappointed it isn’t in C9. :cry: