Multitrack Free Warp still missing [Achieved]

It seems that cubase is unable to implement this basic feature. Can’t understand… :frowning:

The rest of the feature list I do not need and I will not pay for. I am out. :frowning:

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Sorry to hear you are not excited for this release, really nothing?

I’m assuming while basic in conception, for some reason is not basic to code/implement into the current program architecture. Sometimes to create one thing, it will break 100 things, and so they all need to change - even if they aren’t completely related parts of the program - they may depend/point to the same base code. This is the difficulty of updating an already coded program with new features.

Of course there is nothing about‘ WARP MULTITRACK’ because Steinberg obviously does not read its users forums or FEATURE REQUESTS. I am completely baffled how much energy they put into everything apart from what it’s existing users say they really need. If they choose to completely ignore feature requests why can’t they at the very least provide an explanation why??? And show some basic level of interaction with its long term community of paying users! :frowning:


chill the fk out

Sorry love games, but I am not alone in the frustration of Steinberg ignoring its most requested updates. Please show me where Steinberg has responded meaningfully to this request over the last six years and I will happily chill out.

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Well said.

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Somewhere they wrote in this forum that this feature is definitely on their plan but I think that was 2 years ago…

I think they really lost the ability to bring this feature in. Perhaps fresh developer or a code base that is too complex/chaotic…?

New features (since some releases) were code that is just UI tweaking or separate tools like plugins.
All what needs a deeper insight into the audio engine is not touched.

Price is another issue. I always like to pay good money for good software. This time, 100 bucks for minimal UI features and repairs of old bugs is not a fair deal. So they will loose a bunch of old customers to win a new bunch of fan boys that are overwhelmed by every new feature. If it’s useful or not in a long distance run.

Perhaps they win this way (apple shows it) but when the professionals leave the fanboys could leave too after some time…

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+1 for multitrack free warp.

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+1 - a basic labour-saving feature that is needed.

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Yes, unfortunately the Multitrack Free Warp isn’t in Cubase 11… It was long very long awaited improvement. They spend more time refining things that aren’t that important…
I hope they will do something in the near future!

+1 for the Multitrack Free Warp

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+1 - we all know this is going to help lots and lots of people and make them very happy… maybe for a C11.1 update.?

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Let’s enter a time machine and visit the Steinberg forum in the year 2012:

And then let’s travel far into the future into the year 2050:

After paying 100€ *30 *2 = 6000€ of upgrade fee…:wink:

Always happy to keep the multi track warping requests alive! Come on Steinberg…you can do it!
Agree it seems like they’ve backed themsleves into some kind of coding corner on this. Its too big a feature to have missed out for so long, and other DAWs have nailed it.

I know nothing about coding so this might sound naive, but lets say theres an issue with currently coded tracks that they just cannot be multi warped without screwing up the rest of the program. Could one approach to a solution be an entirely newly coded kind of track to insert, for example “Insert multimic channels -->select how many --> add”. This could then open up a specific grouped set of nested freewarp tracks within a folder track with newly coded audio tracks that can be free warped (we know it can be done as other daws have had it for ages) that sit within a folder-like track, can be free warped, then when done, hit “render to main project tracks” and let it drop the warped multitracks back into regular cubase tracks? Not exactly elegant, but I’d be happy enough with that as a work around?
Anyone with coding knowledge able to say if thats a potentially valid idea /total nonsense? Presume they would have thought of that…

In fact…if someone from Steinberg sees this thread (or the 10.5 thread! Or the thread from 8 years ago) could they maybe give us an informal update as to whether multitrack warp is still under development, not a current priority for developers, or simply not a feature we’re likely to see any time soon for technical reasons? Would be cool to get some feedback from them. Promise I wont moan whatever the answer…would just be nice to know.

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well ,thank steinberg for keeping you happy for all these years,and at least for one more year to come :laughing:

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Well, the team behind Cubase is on the opposite side, than the team behind Dorico.
If you check the Dorico forum you’ll notice how often the guys give feedback to us, their customers…
The team behind Cubase almost never reply to us… What’s wrong with those guys?!
One company, two teams, and two different behaviors… In Hamburg should hire someone like Daniel Spreadbury as a head of all product managers.
The behavior of the Dorico team must be the Company’s default towards the customers! :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t this tool end up in a monstrous amount of phase incoherencies and deliver sub-standard results? I’m thinking about what would happen to a multitrack drum take while using such a tool…

I really can’t see the point of this feature, could anyone please share experiences on its utility so I can try to open my mind about it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

So for example I want to record a guitar take with 3 mics and 2 direct outs (one dry, one crunch), all running though different signal paths and colour boxes. I record all 5 signals, but because I spend all my time moaning about not having freewarp on cubase forums, I havent practiced guitar in ages so my timing is off. I want to nudge a few blooper notes into check to get things locked in to the groove and pretend to my friends that I nailed it first time. Nudging warp markers is dull enough for one 3 minute take, but for 5 individual tracks that all need the exact same nudges? I’ll find an excuse to never finish that track…like all the other ones :slight_smile: Works great in Ableton. Not tried in Studio one yet, but have downloaded the demo and will be trying this weekend. I should really just practice guitar more.

meanwhile the clucky workaround would be to convert the 5 mono guitar tracks to one 5.0 audio track, free warp it to your liking ,and then convert it back to 5 mono tracks
(the convert tracks function in located under the project menu )

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Whaaaaat?! Mozizo, you are a genius. You just made my day. Looking forward to testing this at weekend.

If this works as well as I hope, I shudder to think how long that feature has been available and Ive missed it! 99% of my freewarp needs taken care of.

Seriously dude, thanks for that. Great share.