Multitrack Free Warp

Is that working with phase coherency in Logic?

Got multimic files from Logic that messed up phase. Could have been user error as well.

I didnt have any phase issue

+1, this has been suggested many times. This would be useful as at the moment the free warp can’t be used over live instruments that contain multiple mics such as drums, stereo pairs on guitars and real piano etc… due to phasing.

Chopping the audio isn’t always optimal, especially for instruments.

Also would be useful for putting backing vocals/harmonies in time that are in time with themselves but out of time with the music if the singer doesn’t have a good sense of timing. This seems to be needed a lot of the time when I do official remixes and want to add more swing to the track.


Absolutely, of course, this does not exclude the misuse of incompetent users.

Great, I definately want this in Cubase too :wink:

I am glad that somebody suggested this!

We really, really, urgently need this, along with a batch freeze option. Please!




Please program this and don’t do Cubase 11 for it ^^ free update PLEASE.

Still I am waiting…:rage:
I am already accustomed to record via Logic and StudioOne.
First one is really stable and second is really evolving quickly.
As an old Steinberg user I regret to “be forced” to new shores but times are changing…
Steinberg can see the relevance looking on views and reply statistics but there is not the slightest comment…
Version by version is pushed out but no change…
Next version I will not more purchase without checking THIS feature.
I don’t need other extra features, I just need THIS killing feature!
Come on Steinis, would you expect to sell a text program in 2019 that has not the feature of FIND and REPLACE over entire text?
To stop the emigration of more cubase user a little announcement could help…
If you become accustomed with one feature of another program you become quick accustomed with a bunch of other functionalities and the way back is a way of low probability.




Hello all.

I have a question for Steinberg. What is the point in having the audio warp option in the multitrack quantize panel if the audio your warping doesn’t stay phase coherent? Its useless no?

It’s all about work flow. Less clicking and scrolling. Instead of being able to add pictures to a track I think it would be in their best interest to finally implement Phase Coherent Multitrack Free Warping! Come on Steinberg!

Any thought people? Lets keep this one going! :exclamation:

Multitrack warp works fluently with auto drums quantize panel, so algo is there, where is the problem???
Why still not possible to warp manually two tracks in sync??

+1. Most every major DAW can free warp multiple tacks. They’ve had this bread-and-butter feature for years.

Working in my studio, clients often ask why we can’t free warp like they can with their own DAWs at home (Pro Tools, etc). It’s awkward, to say the least. I suspect I’ve lost at least a couple follow-up jobs because of this perplexing omission in Cubase’s otherwise excellent feature set.

Frankly, multitrack free warp is almost a “classic” function of a DAW at this point. It long ago stopped being sexy or trendy; it’s just something people use DAWs for these days. Users/clients have a right to expect it, and are surprised when I say I can’t do it (“Are you sure it’s not in there? Can you check again?”).

This needs to be remedied. It’s like we’re missing a screwdriver.

(Respectfully submitted. I love most of what Cubase offers.)

10.5 is out and I didn’t read anything about multitrack free warp…
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

That will be 11