Multitrack Free Warp




Yes, please.


Same thread, two years on and still no news on this. Dear Steinberg, if you don’t intend doing something about this long-standing feature request, please make that fact known to the user community. If however, you have a plan, then please do make that known to us, so we can relax and wait. Thankyou.

Yup I am not seeing this ability in 10.2.20 yet either? You should be able to at least copy the data from one channel to another somehow right?
Is there something we are all missing? Audio Alignment Panel? Merge to Multi Channel?
This seems maybe getting close. Typically it’s a Cubase doc ref I found
but it’s the same in Nuendo 10.
Anyway in a quick test that seems to be broken and not working as you might expect either.

Audio Alignment Panel says you must bounce the reference first. Alas that doesn’t seem to really work either, but kind of depending on if they are top and bottom mics in my example. So that might kind of work in some situations? Not ideal with that bounce needed.

I tried to copy the aligned one back into a pre-bounced project save and it was kind of an average? I bounced that and it pasted okay. So that’s another half baked lame attempt to figure out “What were they thinking?!”.

It’s times like this you think I will use another program to do that and re-import them but that’s super lame too.

This inability to react in a timely fashion is screaming “Open Source” to me.
That’s when I start thinking if only there was a code plugin system? Then maybe one could have a free open source way to make fixes to ‘their’ program by having other tools to replace these failing components or something. Alas it’s a desperate thought that would have it’s own set of problems.

I’ll keep wasting time thinking I am the fool but I think you know who has dropped the ball here. It seems like it should be a super simple thing to fix. Add data copy & paste to channels, Replace audio (editable copy/duplicate channel and then replace audio it’s done in video editors that way), fix the Group Edit functionality to work on both the same as it seems they intended. [I am thinking to file that last Group Edit notion as a bug, and then maybe that approach will be an easier pill for the developers to swallow.]


the one thing that can i think of to wrap multiple tracks with phase coherence in cubase is to convert several audio tracks to multichannel,wrap then bounce then convert the multichannel track back to mono. well thats a workaround that works with limited track number

+1 This would be a very useful feature! Would love to have this feature in my work flow! Imagine being able to group your drum tracks together and FREE WARP them to be really tight!

yes, very useful and mentioned A LOT in the past years as a feature request, and implemented in almost every other major DAW on the market for quite some time!

It’s like a text processing program that is not able to mark and edit all the same words in a text.
But you are able to configure the color of the buttons to navigate…:wink:

For this I already made the switch to Studio One. To use a workaround or to switch just for the editing to another DAW was much too complicated.
This feature is asked for since years…(or decades?) and was never implemented :frowning:.

In contrast, Dorico (Steinberg) is in steady contact to their customer and is realizing most of the wishes. You can not realize all wishes but you can then communicate with customer about which feature has priority or which feature will never be implemented. In the polls for cubase from Steinberg “Multitrack Free Warp” was at least in the top 10 for several polls. And? I think the polls are just marketing and will never reach the developer team.

i can agree IMO that steinberg really missed some important “deal breaker” features that users needed and other DAWs already implemented over the years
Multitrack Free warp and audio warp on the project window level is one of them.


Was just re-reading a 2013 post of mine (Cubase 7 era), where I referenced the wait for this feature.

So here’s a post from last year, which sums up my feelings. Thank you Steinberg for all you do, especially in these crazy days! (and may I say again–we want multitrack warp features in the next Cubase… it’s been a long vigil, and many of us will be so thankful):

+1 here
The team must also add Triplet and Dotted Grid options to the Audio Editor and the Sampler! :slight_smile:


Please also add Triplet and Dotted Grid options to the Audio Editor and the Sampler! as mentioned!


For me, this should be the number one priority for Cubase 11


July 2020. There’s a button I see, labeled “Edit Active Audio Event Only”. It seems to be the thing that would disable editing audiowarp on multiple selected tracks, but it just does nothing.

Steinberg? Steinberg?