Multitrack Free Warp



Yes me too. Fingers crossed.

+++1! I’m in total agreement here!

I’m currently using Nuendo 10.2.20. I can Multitrack warp by putting the tracks in a folder, [don’t group yet] selecting the tracks that will be the priority, creating hit points, checking and fixing missed hit points, then grouping the folder and finally head to quantize panel. When I try to quantize with audio warp the drums don’t stay phase coherent. Its ever so slight but you can hear the kick has a little less low end and the drums become a little less punchy. So for the time being I’m going to slice and dice. I can’t be bothered to export/import to another DAW.

In another post I commented on this and also said that PT has had phase coherent elastic audio for years. Someone commented that they didn’t think PT elastic audio was phase coherent and told me to use my I don’t use PT personally but I’ve been producer and engineer on several projects where elastic audio was used and to my best recollection it didn’t produce any phase issues like I’m hearing in Nuendo 10.

Can any one comment on there experiences with PT elastic audio?


I’ve requested “multitrack free warp” in every Steinberg’s survey, as well as the implementation of the Wavelab’s meters in Cubase: FFT, PhaseScope, etc, and specially the 3D analysis (I love this 3D thing, and I use it a lot). It would be very useful to my workflow not to have to switch so often between Cubase and Wavelab to check correlation and frequency spectrum. Another useful thing I’ve asked for every time is the integration of a version of Dorico, instead of the Score editor. I dream to see this functions implemented before the end of my lifetime :mrgreen: .


I’ve been using Cubase 9.5 and decided not to upgrade unless Steinberg adds this feature. Every time they release a new version of Cubase I’m excited and hopeful this feature would be included. But every time I’m let down. Many of the new features are completely useless compared to this. I’m even considering to changing to some other DAW. To my understanding PT does this well, but I don’t like the workflow.

hope steinberg wont multi wrap us before implementing this multi track warp :laughing:

POLL: MultiTrack FREEWARP - - vs - - MultiTrack FREEZE - if only one, which would you want


As Cubase 11 is nearly upon us, I’ll reiterate my years-long enthusiasm for adding this long absent basic feature.

Worth repeating: Most every major DAW can free warp multiple tracks. They’ve had this bread-and-butter feature for years. It’s just what buyers expect a DAW can do in 2020.
Clients often ask me why I can’t free warp like they can with their own DAWs at home (Pro Tools, etc). It’s awkward, to say the least. This needs to be remedied. For those of us working with multitrack audio in 2020 (drum kits, multi-miced guitar cabs, etc, etc), it’s like building a house without a screwdriver.

Sincerely (like, really sincere… down on my knees, arms spread to the sky in hope at this point),
Old guy and long-time loyal/legal Cubase user (since the Atari days)

looks like steinberg makes more emphasis on features for users/composers with no musical knowledge ,but lacks more an more features for everyday tedious editing work and ease of workflow for mixing and in general that are many years in other daws

Fully agree with everything said. Multi micing guitars is a routine part of every project. If using 3 or 4 mics, you can quadruple the work involved in an already (imho) particularly painstaking and boring part of music production. I end up doing anything multimiced in Ableton - an absolute breeze for warping. Strange that Ableton, which I see more as a loopy / electro kinda DAW beats cubase (more of a linear, song writers type DAW) so much on this. Its no hyperbole to say that multi track warping really is an essential feature for a modern DAW. I often chuckle at the “right thats it I’m leaving cubase” brigade who can be funny in their huffs at what I see as minor things…but sadly I’m now finding myself (very reluctantly) getting ready for a switch of DAW if this doesnt arrive. It’ll be a pita to change, and I really hope I dont have to, (I’m a long termer like AJ), but if C11 cements itself as the wrong DAW choice for another year for people who record guitars, drums etc, then I think my loathing for spending hours nudging warp markers might finally outweigh my love of cubase. C’mon Steinberg…surely you get this? Recording anything multimiced is a completely standard technique for just about any instrument recording application. AJ’s ‘building a house without a screwdriver’ analogy is bang on. Fingers crossed for C11…its my number 1 feature request by a mile.

Not seeing multi track warp anywhere on the various feature lists for C11 that are emerging :frowning:
Kinda gutted!
Will keep fingers crossed regardless…

What feature lists do you mean?

I am already on another DAW and I am just watching the next release.
After more than 6 years demanding this basic feature I gave up. And so did a lot of friends…
For recording it’s essentially to have this feature…
Waiting for Godot…

I have also been waiting and watching for phase coherent multitrack freewarp for years now too. If it is not in Cubase 11 I will be moving my workflow into a new DAW over the next months. I don’t want to continue paying a company for ignoring its users for so many years! Have had Cubase for 28 years now and don’t need another plugin or meter. Very disappointed :slightly_frowning_face:

@cheveyo - I meant the feature list from the supposedly leaked document that is going around and is being referenced in various forums.
What DAW did you go for in the end? I’ve got the demo of studio one running in anticipation of multitrack warp not being in C11 and have to say I’m very impressed so far. Different beast to Cubase, but nicely implemented, looks great, well thought out, easy learning curve and some very cool features I’ve been wishing Cubase had for some time (multi parameters to one control knob for automation being a biggie). Flip side of course - lots of things I’ll miss about cubase! S1 much younger DAW of course but pretty amazing what they’ve achieved in their releases to date. I guess theres no perfect DAW - different pros and cons to them all.
Will see what C11 brings but looks like I’ll sit this upgrade out and spend some time getting to know S1 (crossgrade deal pretty good). Will still use 10.5 plenty for all my old tracks, and once steinberg bring in multiwarp I’ll happily jump back on the upgrade conveyer belt. Here’s hoping that other cubase users get what they want from this upgrade! My grumbles in post above aside - props to the steinberg team regardless, cant be easy trying to keep us all happy, and I do really like the direction Cubase has taken in the last few updates.

Yes, S1 has essentially all I really need. Always could be more but the real basics are there. Sometimes I use Logic but I am still in the weaning phase from Cubase (after decades!). I use S1:Logic:Cubase 50:30:20. I have a bunch of old tracks in Cubase so it’s hard to forget the workflow.
But I think Cubase has no more real future because they bet on the new customer and that’s a tricky game. Brings quick money but has no future.
Without multitrack free warp I can not use Cubase for audio recording anymore.

I agree with you cheveyo and will be doing the same. Of course there is nothing about‘ WARP MULTITRACK’ because Steinberg obviously does not read its users forums or FEATURE REQUESTS. I am completely baffled how much energy they put into everything apart from what it’s existing users say they really need. If they choose to completely ignore feature requests why can’t they at the very least provide an explanation why??? And show some basic level of interaction with its long term community of paying users! :frowning: