Multitrack preset save/load

Hi, I’ve spent all morning trying to do this and can’t figure it out.

I’ve got a Folder Track which contains a VST instrument and 8 Midi tracks, mapped to consecutive channels and to the VST. (For example, I have a default track group for an 8 output Kontakt multi).

I’m trying to find a way to save this, so that I can load the VST instrument and the 8 MIDI tracks (correctly ordered, named, linked and with MIDI channels set) in one go.

I’ve tried saving VST presets from the VST Instrument menu, and saving Track presets. The first only loads the instrument, the second loads the 8 tracks but not the VST instrument folder (when I load into a new project the output routing reads “Missing:Input1”).

Is there a way to save the master folder (complete with all its contents) and reload it as needed?

It may not be exctly what you’re after, but for new projects anyway you can save the setup as a project template.

That’s largely what I’ve done now. The problem was that with so many VSTs I would have had to create lots of templates. Also I often don’t know exactly what I’m going to use (eg - VSL vs EWQL vs Session Strings, or some combination)

Laziness won in the end, so I created a large template with everything configured (but no sounds loaded). Deleting is much easier than creating :slight_smile:

What about saving your channel settings, will it save VST data as well?

I know it will save EQ and effects

I encountered this same problem today and I think this is the solution (for instrument tracks anyway)


select all tracks concerned
file/export/selected tracks…


file/import/track archive…

be sure to select the tracks you want in the popup (or select all)

BTW I’m on Cubase 5

hope this helps!

Steinberg, please extend the possibility to save/load tracks presets (in Media Bay) also for Folder tracks and Group tracks in order to save entire arranging of Audio/Midi/Groups/Folder tracks at once with desired routing. This can save an enormous waste of time!

yes, track presets need some love. I’ve started using instrument tracks now instead of multitimbral VI from the rack for this reason. I don’t know if it’s less efficient but as we cant save groups/FX or VI/Midi tracks as presets it’s the only option on that case.

my man issue is with things like BFD and all its outputs. I can’t find a way to name all the outputs to my liking and save them. i can save the BFD mixer routings, but not the cubase output channels they’re routed to which is a PIA.

i don’t want to use project template everytime for this as like to choose as I go along depending how the project progresses.


I perfectly agree with you!

I would like to have, for example, a track folder in media bay called “BFD2 - Multitrack with Busses” in wich there are a midi track, a BFD2 with all the channel actived and a certain numbers of group channels allowing to routing all the signals in a specific way and ready to go. The only thing is missed yet are the group channels in media bay.
I hope that Steinberg would do that as soon as possible because it is a very important thing.


It would be great to be able to save group effects with a track preset. I can have about 10 separate violin instrument tracks sent to the same group bus where panning/reverb/ect. are all based. There’s no easy way of importing the whole “violin” setup into a new project; all you can do is bring in the raw instrument without the effects.