Multitrack recording at once [SOLVED]

Hello all,
I just started to work with the Cubase Artist 8.5 and have a 1 channel audio interface connected to it.
Now I want to buy an audio interface with multiple inputs.

Notebook: HP Elitebook 8570P
Windows 10
Processor i7 with 2,9Ghz
Memory 8GB
2x USB 3.0 & 2x “normal” USB

Audio interface Behringer U-Control UCA222 (1 input)
Connected to a sound mixer for Behringer C1 Microphone
Impact L61 midi controller keyboard

Because it seems to be conveniouse in order to record sessions with bandmembers during rehersals etc.
I understand that it is possible to multi track for audio.

@ But is it possible to record audio and virtual key / or midi at the same time?
For example audio interface:
input 1 mic for vocal
input 2 line for bassguitar
input 3 line for guitar
input ? for midi keyboard

I can not find any topic or instructions to do so, does any one have a link or explanation if this is possible?

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards Agusto

It is definitely possible to record all these tracks at the same time.

Generally speaking midi is set up differently than audio. Audio is set up through your audio interface and most modern midi connections are set up directly through your computer (example: through a usb port).

This is all explained in the Cubase manual but, in general, you connect your midi keyboard through a usb port. Drivers should automatically install (but if they don’t you will have to find them and install manually).

Connect the midi device, make sure the usb connection was automatically recognized by your computer, turn on the midi device, then start Cubase. Cubase will then detect the connected device.

On the midi or instrument track you are recording on, the midi device will be listed in the track input dropdown (found in the inspector section). If recording only one midi device you can choose “All Midi inputs” but, choose your exact midi device if you expect to record multiple midi devices at the same time.

The output for midi or instrument tracks is defaulted to whatever is set as the Cubase main stereo out.

You will probably will need to set something on your midi device to record correctly. If not familiar, look for those instructions in the device operating manual for how to connect the device to your computer and the workings of the “local” on/off function.

If you want to use a VST instrument sound you need to choose that VST in the midi or instrument track (also found in the inspector section right below the input routing) and don’t forget to chose an actual sound from those available in the VSTi you chose.

Only if on a PC…
You must connect and power on the midi device before starting Cubase. Otherwise Cubase will not detect it (feature request has been submitted). Likewise, if you turn off the device or it somehow gets disconnected during a Cubase session, you will have to restart Cubase.

BTW… please list your system specs when asking for assist. It will help to get a more specific response.

Good luck.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock!

just add my equipment specs to the first message,I was not aware of the Cubase Instruction Manual in the help section :blush:

I am “studying” it at the moment, specific Recording at page 223;
For audio: “To record-enable all audio tracks simultaneously, set up a key command for Activate Record Enable for All Audio Tracks in the Mixer category of the Key Commands dialog and use it

For midi: “To record-enable audio or MIDI tracks on selection, activate the Enable Record on Selected Audio Track or Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track option (File > Preferences > Project & MixConsole

Yesterday I selected the preference, however it showed only audio - vocals - for choir
So I manage to select to select preference for 1 Main vocal track, and 2 choir tracks (all audio.)

@ I asume in order to select midi as well, it isn’t available only for Cubase Pro, but as well for Artist ?
I will check out how to select the midi as well, and will make a template of it :slight_smile:, let you know if I could do it.

K regards :smiley:

First off the ‘R’ key is the system default “Record Enable” key, you can change it if you want, but the default is already set for you.


For both Audio and Midi you can select an individual track and “record enable” or you can select a range of tracks and “record enable” all selected tracks at the same time. To do this… Select the first desired_hold the shift key_select the last track, all tracks in between will also be selected. Then you can use the “R” key to enable all of them.

Alternatively you can also add your tracks to a folder track and “Record Enable” the folder, and every track in the folder will be enabled.

You can do midi in Artist. if it does not show in the drop list of the midi track you may have to first make sure it show up in the devices menu and that the midi is selected as “Visible”.
Devices\Device setup\midi port setup

good luck, Have FUN

Thanks all, I totally did it; record audio and midi at the same time! :smiley:
Creating audio and midi track was easy, however what was not clear for me in the first place that you will have to create mono busses. (since I was recording with stereo busses the whole time)

  • I did a trial with 2 audio and 1 midi.
  • Master keyboard into USB
  • Added two Mono busses in the device set up
  • Created 2 audio tracks and 1 midi track
  • Select Record enable at all tracks
  • Selected (highlited) all tracks

And Voila! :smiley:
next goal is to reduse latency, but I’ll make sure I will check the manual first :nerd:
btw I added more specs to my first post

Thnx!!! :smiley:

Nice :slight_smile:

I suggest that you add those specs to your forum “signature”.

Regards :sunglasses: